Adaptive Seating for Independent Living at Home

Adaptive Seating for Independent Living at Home

For people living with disabilities, transforming a house into a productive home involves more than just unpacking moving boxes and arranging the furniture. Without access to the right equipment, everyday activities that some people take for granted can present insurmountable obstacles. It can lead to an inability to prepare food, operate the stove, wash and dry dishes, and reach items high up on cabinets and shelves. Even working at a computer while seated at a desk can be difficult or even impossible for some. Not being able to perform these vital daily tasks chips away at a person’s autonomy and independence. 

Fortunately, there is a practical solution. Thanks to significant advancements made in adaptive seating technology equipment, people possessing a wide range of physical abilities can enjoy the comforts and conveniences of home. It all starts with having the proper adaptable seating.

Adaptive Seating Lift Chair from EMP Living

EMP Living’s REAL Adult adaptive lift chair has taken assistive technology to a new level. Every feature of this ergonomic lift chair was considered with the users’ needs in mind. The REAL Adult adaptive chair helps people attain a comfortable sitting or standing position. The power chair’s controls can be reached easily while in a sitting position, which means the operator doesn’t have to get up or reach under the chair to access them. The height and position of the seat is fully adjustable. Large ball bearing wheels affixed to a relatively small frame allow the chair to easily fit through most doorways and hallways. 

Designed in cooperation with the Swedish Physical Therapy Institute and physiotherapist Bengt Engström, the REAL Adult adaptive lift chair is manufactured in Sweden using high-quality components. Washington State-based EMP Living distributes the REAL chairs in North America.

It’s not just people with disabilities that can benefit from adaptive chairs. Injuries or other limitations to stamina can cause individuals to have trouble getting up, or have difficulty standing for long periods of time. The natural course of the aging process can also ebb away at mobility and function over time. In 2018, the World Health Organization reported that one billion people worldwide needed at least one assistive technology device. The most commonly used items were walkers, canes or crutches. 

Adaptive seating technology is a sub-category of assistive technology, which the United States Assistive Technology Act of 1998 defines as any “product, device, or equipment, whether acquired commercially, modified or customized, that is used to maintain, increase or improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities.” While many general-use products can help people with disabilities to lead more rewarding and productive lives, adaptive technology is designed specifically with that purpose in mind.

Everyone deserves to live in a home that meets their needs and empowers them to lead productive, happy lives. With the REAL Adult adaptive chair, the freedom to live well is just a touch of a button away. 


Are you interested to learn more about our adaptive seating solutions? Our lift chairs can be fitted with many different options and accessories. Contact EMP Living here.

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