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REAL Adult Chair

Advanced Adaptive Mobility Chair

Choose comfort with a multi-featured mobility chair

The REAL Adult Mobility Chair turns the impossible into the possible for people with mobility challenges and people living with disabilities. Say goodbye to the frustration that comes from struggling to sit or stand for long periods of time. Our ergonomic lift chair for disabled adults and individuals living with disabilities can dramatically improve your quality of life. It provides the support you need to complete tasks you previously didn’t have the strength or stamina to perform consistently and safely.

Powered chair for disabled adults

The REAL Adult adaptive chair is powered to adjust the height and positioning of the seat so you can reach more places, sit at eye level with others, and ensure you are always in a comfortable sitting or standing position.

At home, our chairs assist you while completing chores, preparing meals and enjoying hundreds of other activities you find difficult or impossible to do without someone assisting you. The REAL Adult enables you to participate in countless activities, helping you become more independent and improving your social interactions. Your confidence will grow and you will feel less isolated.

The easiest adult mobility chair to move and use

The REAL Adult lift chair is simple to operate and easy to move. You can adjust the chair on your own while sitting. Controls are located under the armrest or on the remote control. The REAL Adult rolls easily thanks to its large ball bearing wheels, and its small frame fits through most doorways and hallways.

Our REAL adult mobility chairs help you stand up so you can get to where you need to go. It’s the perfect chair for adults living with disabilities.

Seating for Independent Living

The REAL Adult is designed to be functional and practical. This piece of equipment was specially designed to help you become more independent by assisting you with daily activities at home and work. It is not just an adaptive chair – it can perform the same functions as a hi-low chair, standing support chair, lift chair, transfer chair, therapy chair, rehabilitation chair, elevator chair, riser chair, and many more.

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Powered Control

REAL Adult Lift Chairs are power chairs that come with a motor and powered height control, as well as an optional powered tilt, backrest and brake. These features make it easy to adjust the chair to suit the task at hand. The powered height control allows the chair’s height to be adjusted while seated.

Lift Chair with a Modular Design for Persons with Disabilities

REAL Adult lift chairs are modular. They can be customized with accessories as desired by each user, and can be modified over time so you never need to buy a new chair. People living with a variety of conditions such as muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), arthritis, short stature, osteoporosis, and the effects of a stroke have benefited from REAL Chairs.



REAL chairs have a small frame and large easy to roll wheels. They can easily be moved around your house and will fit through most doors. They can be used in your kitchen, bathroom, office or anywhere else you need sitting or standing support.

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We also offer a wide range of options to customize your chair and add extra comfort, such as padded seats, memory foam seat cushions, footrests and seat belts.

Popular Products

Our chair for kids. Same benefits and design as our adult with a smaller frame. Perfect from home or school. Designed and built to grow as kids grow.

A chair for heavy users. Ergonomically designed with powered seat height adjustment and a weight limit of 605 lbs. Built with a reinforced frame, seat and backrest.
Powered mobile chair for imaging centers with radiolucent backrest. Keeps patient safe and allows technician to easily adjust the patient for the correct image.

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