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REAL X-ray Chair

Discover the REAL X-ray Clinical Chair

Challenges faced by X-ray specialists when using their X-ray chair

Medical professionals face multiple challenges when taking care of patients, and taking X-rays can be made difficult by a number of factors. When examining elderly patients, or patients with reduced mobility or difficulty walking, it is important to provide them with an X-ray chair offering an efficient and comfortable experience. 

Asking them to get up and sit down multiple times is not ideal, and moving them to different devices, positioning them appropriately and having them keep still puts a strain on patients. The X-ray procedure can be made much easier and faster with the right X-ray chair. EMP Living offers an advanced, safe and comfortable X-ray chair: the REAL X-ray chair.

A mobile X-ray chair for radiology departments with optional radiolucent backrest

Taking X-rays of patients who cannot sit or stand safely by themselves is challenging and time consuming. Our REAL X-ray chair is designed for these patients: the entire chair is adjustable to better accommodate different patients.

Our REAL X-ray chair provides support for the patient ensuring a safe procedure. The powered height and tilt controls and the foldable armrests allow the technician to quickly position the patient for imaging tests. The radiolucent backrest enables taking X-rays of the back and spine while seated.

Our entire chair is designed by experts for optimal quality.

Our X-ray chair is developed and manufactured in close cooperation with Swedish radiologists, taking ergonomics, functionality, flexibility and ease of use into account.

What to Look for in an X-ray Examination Chair?

A medical chair that is easy to use and adjust during procedures

An X-ray chair is subject to strict demands from doctors, nurses and patients. In order to carry out an examination with the patient in a seated position, the X-ray chair must be functional and easy to adjust in addition to working well with X-ray equipment in general.

Medical experts look for X-ray chair features to keep the patient in a stable position when taking an X-ray image. In addition of advanced controls for height adjustment, our X-ray chairs are designed with a focus on ergonomics, function and flexibility:

  • Adjustable seat height;
  • Adjustable chair hands and padded armrests;
  • Adjustable headrest
  • A remote control is used with the X-ray chair to adjust the electric height setting of no less than 28 cm, giving medical staff the freedom to adjust the chair even at a distance;

Take quick and efficient X-ray imaging with the right medical equipment by EMP Living.

An X-ray chair that offers maximum safety

For maximum safety, the REAL 8100 X-ray chair has a convenient, newly designed, fully-welded underframe with a safe, easily operated brake. The X-ray chair’s brake can be applied using either a pedal or lever (either manually or by remote control). The mechanical protractor (± 90˚ at 5-degree intervals) makes our product the perfect chair to X-ray the patient from the desired angle.

The seat angle is reset when pressure is applied to the foot control at the rear of the frame. Our X-ray chair’s adjustable seat angle, forwards and backwards, makes it easy to find the correct position for the patient and to go from one X-ray device to another

Provide a safe experience to your radiology clients with the REAL X-ray examination chair

Equipment that is comfortable for the patient

As with all our products, a great importance is given to comfort and to allowing a patient to rest comfortably during an X-ray. The entire X-ray examination chair distributes weight evenly and effectively, and prevents the user from sliding forward when the seat is angled. The back edge of the X-ray chair’s seat is lowered to increase the sitting depth. This allows the seat bone nodules to move backwards when the patient’s spine is stretched, reducing discomfort for the patient.

Choose high quality X-ray chairs without sacrificing your patient’s comfort.

Certifications of quality for our X-ray examination chair

The REAL X-ray chair is developed and manufactured in-house in Sweden. The chair is EMC-tested at Intertek and approved in accordance with EN 60601-1-1 and EN 60601-1-2. The PLUS-frame is tested at Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut (SP) and approved in accordance with EN:1335. Strict quality requirements guarantee many years of safe operation.

Choose the leading X-ray chair in North America with EMP Living’s REAL X-ray

Learn More About X-ray Chairs

Seating for Easy and Safe Procedures

The REAL X-ray chair is designed to ensure a safe, comfortable and quick procedure every time, for every patient.

Powered Control

REAL X-ray Chairs come with powered height control. A manual foot brake is included and a powered brake is optional. Seat tilt is optional. Chair height can be changed while sitting and controls are located on a remote.

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Safety and Flexibility

Multiple seatbacks are available for different imaging needs. EMP Living’s X-ray chair has armrests, seatbelts and a safety brake to keep every patient safe and stable. Our medical chair can accommodate up to 150 kg/330 lb of weight while still remaining comfortable for patients during their X-ray.

Modular Design

The transparent backrest of the REAL X-ray chair provides the ability to quickly align the “cross” on the patient, for more accurate positioning and scanning. This backrest is very “all-round” and also works well for a range of other needs, such as chest X-ray, eliminating the need to switch back and forth according to patients and situations. All of our X-ray chair’s backrests are also adjustable in height, angle and depth.

Innovative Chair Backrest for Maximum Comfort

The transparent backrest provides the ability to quickly align the “cross” on the patient, for more accurate positioning and scanning. This backrest is very “all-round” and also works well for a range of other needs, such as chest X-ray, eliminating the need to switch back and forth according to patients and situations. All backrests are also adjustable in height, angle and depth.

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