REAL Lift Chair

A Mobile Lift Chair you can use throughout your home

The REAL Lift chair is our REAL series chair configured with electric height and tilt control along with our 4 inch castor wheels that move in all directions. The REAL Lift can be used at the kitchen table, at your des and in your family room or bedroom, anywhere you need to sit or stand. The large wheels make it easy to move the chair from one room to the next and the REAL Lift fits through doorways.     

Mobile Lift Chair

Most lift chairs that are reclining chairs that elevate to help you stand up. They are large, padded chairs that recline and are typically used in a living room or family room setting. These chairs are comfortable and are great for relaxing in one place but they are bulky and can not be moved. They work great in the living room  but what about the kitchen, the office or the bedroom? You need to sit and stand in these rooms too!   This is where the REAL Lift can help.

Don’t be confined to sitting in one place. The REAL Lift can help you sit and stand throughout you home.

Seating for Independent Living

The REAL Lift is designed to be functional. The large wheels, small size and easy to use controls make it is to use by anyone anywhere.

Easy to Use

The REAL Lift comes with powered height and tilt controls.  The controls are under the armrests and are easy to operate and the powered height control allows you to raise and lower the chair while seated.

Image (chair-product-1a)


REAL chairs have large easy to roll wheels the roll easily over most floors and thresholds.  REAL chairs roll in all directions making it easy to fit through tight spaces and around corners.

Compact Frame

REAL chairs have a small compact frame. REAL Chairs fit through tight spaces like doorways and hallways.

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