Mobility Chairs

Stay Independent with a High-Performance Mobility Chair

Designed by Physical Therapists, The REAL Seating System are the most advanced mobility chairs available today. Any person living with mobility restrictions or difficulties can recover their independence thanks to EMP Living’s power chairs. Choose a high quality, professionally developed product with great service.

Why Choose EMP Living’s Mobility Equipment?

Functional Design

REAL chairs are functional.They are designed to enable the user to do more independently, longer and safely.

Powered Control

REAL chairs are electrically powered. Chair functions such as height control, seat tilt, back rest and a safety brake are powered to ensure easy and safe adjustment of the chair.

Ease of Use

REAL chairs have small frames enabling them to be used in any environment without room modifications. Our chairs can fit through standard doorways, around kitchens and in bathrooms.


All REAL chairs  come with a safety brake to keep the chair from moving while in use.

Modular Design

REAL chairs are custom built for each user. A wide selection of accessories are available including seat belts, harnesses, trunk supports, calf supports, leg dividers and leg supports are also available. If we don’t have it, we will make it

Multiple Chairs in One

REAL chairs are multiple purpose adaptive seating systems. They are used as adaptive chairs, powered hi-lo chairs, standing support chairs, therapy chairs, rehabilitation chairs, transfer chairs lift chairs, and many more.

How Can an EMP Living Adaptive Chair Help You in Your Everyday Life?

Our adaptive chair models and special needs activity chairs use the best components available for adaptive chairs in the market. Whether you have cerebral palsy or any other health issue limiting your range of motion, our chairs will help you accomplish your everyday activities.

Whatever your main selection criteria is, you can be sure to find the best adaptive seating systems to fit your needs, like pressure mapping. We offer four different models of adaptive seating systems for individuals with a comprehensive range of health issues.

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“My Chair is making such a difference in my life. I can get in and out of my chair by myself without help. I can adjust the height of the chair so that I can comfortably sit anywhere. I can do things that I could never do before.”

What Mobility Chair Model Should I Choose?

Lift chair, adult chair, work chairs: there are many options to choose from that are adapted to a person’s needs. EMP Living has a variety of styles of adaptive seating, ranging from clinical chairs to personal use. Our REAL series includes four mobility chairs that we have in stock in Boston, with each model made to answer specific needs.

The REAL Adult Mobility Device

This entire seating for our adult clients is designed to be functional. It is an aid that is designed to help you be more independent with a certain ease of movement by helping you with daily activities at home and work. It is not just an adaptive chair, it is a hi-low chair, activity chair, standing support chair, lift chair, transfer chair, therapy chair, rehabilitation chair, transfer chair, elevator chair, dynamic chair, riser chair and many more.

The REAL Child Mobility Device

Our chairs for children help foster an inclusive environment that focuses on child empowerment for children with mobility issues to help them get control over mobility problems. Instead of being confined to one desk at school or needing help, children can operate our chairs by themselves and can move the chair anywhere they want. In school they can use it in class, at lunch or to play with their friends. In class, it encourages classroom participation and community participation. At home they can use it in the kitchen, the bathroom or bedroom. They can use the chair to play, to study, to relax, wherever they need. The simple design helps the chair fit in wherever it is used.

The REAL Big & Heavy Mobility Device

This entire seating is designed to be functional and assists users. It is an aide that is designed to help you be more independent by helping you with daily activities at home and work. The powered controls, safety brake and Ergomedic Seating System are designed to help you do more independently, safely and comfortably.

The REAL Lift Chair

It is our REAL series adaptive lift chair configured with electric height to get to an erect position and tilt control along with our 4 inch caster wheels that move in all directions. The REAL Lift adaptive lift chair can be used at the kitchen table, at your desk and in your family room or bedroom, anywhere you need to sit or stand. The large wheels make it easy to move the chair from one room to the next, and the REAL Lift chair fits easily through doorways. It caters to a variety of user needs by helping the transition from sitting to standing, hence the lift chair name.

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Popular Products

Powered adaptive chair for adults. Operate the chair without getting off. Easily move the chair around your home or office. Use your legs safely while sitting. Do more independently and safely.
A chair for heavy users. Ergonomically designed with powered seat height adjustment and a weight limit of 605 lbs. Built with a reinforced frame, seat and backrest.
Our chair for kids. Same benefits and design as our adult with a smaller frame. Perfect from home or school. Designed and built to grow and kids grow.

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