Powered Rehabilitation and Therapy Seating

Powered Height, Tilt, Recline and Safety Brake

  • Power height, tilt and recline is critical for self care, pressure management and positioning
  • Maintain, increase or improve functional capabilities
  • Promote active, functional sitting and transfers
  • Enables patients to remain active performing activities of daily living
  • Designed for safety, maneuverability and ease of use
  • Custom assembled for individual needs
  • Optional accessories provide additional support

A New Look in Rehabilitation and Therapy Seating

Powered rehabilitation and therapy seating.  Ergonomic and functional design empowers users to do more, independently and safely.  The modular design enables our chairs to be configured to individual needs.

Powered height control allows the seat height to be adjusted while sitting. Easily adjust seat height to ensure proper positioning. 

Center of gravity Tilt In Space.  Forward and backward tilt available to adjust to active or passive seating positions.  Seat tilt available up to 23° forward or 23° backward with a maximum 30° of total tilt.

Powered backrest control with 30° backward recline and 1° forward adjustment

Powered or manual safety brake

Chair controls located under armrest or on remote control make it easy for patient or caregiver to operate chair

Customized Seating

Our modular design allows you to customize your chair to fit your needs.  You can easily modify your chair when your needs change.  We offer a full range of accessories.

Simple to Complex

See our full range of accessories

Small to Large

154lb Weight Limit

330lb Weight Limit

More than a Therapy and Rehabilitation Chair

REAL Chairs help you sit and stand throughout your home, office or school

Powered Height Control makes transfers easy.

Stand safely with the support of our safety brake.

Add a push bar to assist moving the chair.

Our specially designed base allows you to move the chair while sitting.

Try our chairs for 30 days

If you don’t like your chair, you can return it for a full refund minus shipping costs.

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