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REAL Mammography Chair

Help Your Patients and Medical Staff

A mammography can be an emotionally stressful experience for patients. It is important that the exam be as effective and comfortable as possible as to make the procedure as easy as possible on the patient. 

The REAL Mammography Chair is the perfect solution to make mammograms more efficient and comfortable for both medical staff and patients.

Mammography Chair with Electric Height Adjustment

Our mammography chair helps the patient sit comfortably without restricting their movement. The powered controls help the technician get the patient in a stable, ergonomically correct position quickly leading to an efficient examination.

As soon as the patient has taken an ergonomic sitting position using our Mammography chair, an examination will be easier and more comfortable for both the medical staff and the patient:
  • Position your patient quickly and effortlessly using electric height adjustment, no more foot treadle and hydraulic pump;
  • Allow stress and nervous patients to feel relaxed and comfortable for a more pleasant experience;
  • Transfer a patient between machines or from a wheelchair with ease thanks to adjustable chair hands;

Optimal Seating for an Easy and Safe Mammography

The REAL products are designed to ensure a safe, comfortable and quick procedure.

Some patients, such as elderly or reduced mobility, need to stay seated through the entire consultation, and the same applies to patients that are known to faint. Using the best medical products also facilitates getting the images right: patients seated in a stable, ergonomically correct, seated position are much easier to examine. For more time consuming examinations the patient should be seated comfortably and relaxed.

Why Choose the REAL 8200 Mammography Chair?

Easy of Use

REAL height adjustable mammography chairs come with  powered control. A manual foot brake and manual tilt are included with powered options available. Instead of a hydraulic pump and foot treadle, the powered seat and essential functions are controlled by a remote to facilitate correct positioning by the technician. 

Image (chair-product-1a)

Safety and Flexibility

The REAL Mammography ensures the patient is in a safe and ergonomically correct position for an examination. The REAL Mammography can be used for multiple procedures and can be easily moved around the room or to different rooms to reduce any risk of injury.

Some of our mammography chairs can be positioned in a neutral position or tilted using an electric seat tilt and an electric backrest tilt. Controlled remotely by the medical staff, positioning patients for optimal imaging and patient transport to different machines is fast and efficient.

Patient Comfort

EMP Living’s adjustable mammography examination chair allow confortable and ergonomic positioning during mammography screenings. Providing a chair that allows patients to relax reduces their stress and the strain imported by the procedure. Patient comfort is at the core of the REAL mammography chair.


Modular Design and Ergonomic Accessories

REAL Mammography chairs are modular, so each chair can be configured to meet specific requirements. Our mammography chair can be equipped with various adjustable segments to increase the comfort and the stability of patients while still supporting up to 150 kg/300 lb of weight. In addition to remote controls, tubular footrest, brakes and tilt options, the REAL 8200 can come equipped with:

  • High backrest for extra support;
  • Padded and adjustable polyurethane chair hands;
  • Hygienic upholstery;
  • Foldable foot ring;

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