Powered Hi-Lo Adaptive Chair

Regain Your Independence with your REAL 9000!

 Designed by Physical Therapists, The REAL 9000 Plus Seating System is one of the most advanced home and office seating systems available today.

Functional Design: The flexible and modular design of our chairs enable each chair to be adapted to an individual user. Every aspect of the chair is customized to ensure maximum functionality and independence.

Powered Control: Our chairs are electrically powered.  Chair functions such as height control, seat tilt, back rest and a safety brake are powered to ensure easy and safe adjustment of the chair. Controls are in easy to reach locations. No more getting on or off the chair to change the height. No more bending over to look for the controls underneath the seat.

Ease of Use:  Our chairs have small frames enabling them to be used in any environment without room modifications. Our chairs can fit through standard doorways, around kitchens and in bathrooms.

Safety:  All of our chairs come with a safety brake to keep the chair from moving when in use. Accessories including seat belts, harnesses, trunk supports and leg supports are also available.

Have a look at this short video!

Our Story: Although this chair has been around over 15 years in Sweden through Mercado AB, it has only recently been offered in the U.S. by EMP Living. My youngest daughter is shorter than most kids her age and struggled with the chairs available. My wife and I searched far and wide all over the world to find a comfortable yet practical chair for her. It wasn’t until we found this chair from Sweden that she was able to gain the independence she was looking for. It changed her life! (read more)