EMP Living is the North American distributor for Mercado Medic. We found Mercado Medic while looking for a chair for our daughter. They were not selling their products in the US at that time. We asked and they agreed to let us bring their innovative chairs to North America

Mercado Medic is headquartered in Lidingo, Sweden, just outside of Stockholm. They were formed around the original REAL seating system in 1971 and have been manufacturing adaptive seating since. Their company motto is “Designing Functional Chairs for People with Functional Disabilities”. Read more about Mercado Medic here.

All chairs are hand assembled in their facility. They also design and manufacture most of the components in house including the frame, the mechanical components and the upholstery.

REAL chairs are special designed adaptive chairs for people with functional disabilities to do more independently and safely. In Scandanvia they are called Working Chairs. REAL chairs can replace many other chairs including hi-low chairs, standing support chairs, lift chairs, therapy chairs, rehab chairs, transfer chairs, mobility chairs, elevator chairs, activity chairs, ergonomic chairs and many more.

No, users of REAL chairs propel the chair with their feet and not their hands. Unlike wheel chairs,REAL chairs can also maneuver sideways. REAL chairs can also serve as a functional chair for customers with more severe challenges who need extra support to obtain a comfortable seating position.

See our comparison to learn more about the differences between REAL chairs and wheelchairs.

Hi-Low chairs are adaptive chairs designed for children. They area a suitable choice for children with more profound positioning needs because it provides good support and gives the child the ability to be on the same height with his/her peers and communicate with them face to face. It also gives the advantage of adjusting the height to the proper level during feeding or playtime, to help the child participate more easily in activities during family leisure time.

Lift chairs are chairs that feature a powered lifting mechanism that raises the entire chair from the base to assist the user to get on and off a chair from a standing position

Yes, the height and tilt adjustments that are available on REAL 9000 chairs enable the chairs to be used as lift chairs. The height of the seat can be raised and the seat tilted forward to assist in getting on and off the chair.

Most lift chairs on the market today are lounge recliner chairs that are used in living room or family room type area. They are large and cannot be moved easily. They are not suitable for many activities such as at the kitchen table or at a computer desk.

REAL 9000 chairs are smaller, have large wheels and are ergonomically designed to be extremely comfortable. This allows the chairs to be moved and used anywhere in your home or office. They can be used like the typical lift chair but they can also be used in places like your office and kitchen. If you have difficulties getting into or out of a chair, you should not be limited to a chair in your living room. REAL 9000 chairs allow you to safely and comfortable sit anywhere you need to sit.

The versatility of REAL 9000 seats also enable them to function as stand support chairs. Many people who have trouble getting into and off of a chair also have trouble standing safely for long period of time. With the REAL 9000, you can raise and tilt the seat, engage the braking system and use the chair to support your weight while standing.

A standing support chair is a chair that you can lean against while working in a standing position. Standing support chairs reduce fatigue and also reduce pressure on your feet, knees, hips, and lower back.

Yes, the versatility of REAL 9000 seats also enable them to function as stand support chairs. When the height of the chair is adjusted up, the seat tilted forward and the brake is engaged, the REAL 9000 can support someone in the standing position.

Yes, REAL chairs can help with rehab and therapy. REAL chairs have large 3.9 in wheels that roll easily and a specially designed frame that keeps your feet from hitting the chair. This allows you to walk the chair around your house while sitting which helps you to use your legs more. The safety brake along with the height and tilt functions also allow people to do many exercises while supported by the chair.

A transfer chair is a chair that facilitates transferring someone from one place to another such as to a bed or a toilet or from one room to another.

Yes, REAL Chairs are designed so that the user or caregiver can move the chair from one room to another. The height of the chair can then be adjusted to the height of the bed, toilet, etc. to facilitate transfer from or to the chair by sliding and with minimal lifting.

Activity Chairs are specifically designed for special needs kids suffering from a physical or learning disability. Activity chairs offer improved posture, muscle tone and blood flow.

Yes, REAL chairs are designed to optimize postural management and can be adjusted for each child’s individual needs. Available accessories include seatbelts, harnesses, trunk supports, tables and many more. See our accessory page for more information.

A chair that is powered to move up and down.

Yes, REAL chairs are powered to go up and down. REAL chairs also come with a manual or powered brake to ensure safe operation of the chair.

An ergonomic chair is a chair that can be comfortably used for long periods of time. They are designed to be adjusted to fit your body and the way you work. They promote good posture to minimize fatigue and sores.

Yes, REAL 9000 chairs use our Ergomedic and Ergomedic plus seating systems which were designed with physical therapists for people with significant medical and physical conditions who may not have the core strength to sit properly. Our seating system was designed for people who sit for long periods of time and who may have difficulties operating a typical chair. This resulted in a chair that is extremely comfortable, flexible and easy to adjust.

Although many chairs on the market today can be adjusted, the controls are often difficult to reach which means they are not often used. The controls on REAL 9000 chairs and easy to reach and easy to use which makes it more likely you will adjust your position throughout the day


Anyone who sits for long periods of time will enjoy our chairs. Our chairs are especially helpful for people with weakness in their legs or core and anyone with poor balances. Customers with the following conditions have benefited from our chairs.

Age related muscle weakness
Multiple Sclerosis
Mylalgic Encephalomyelitis
ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease
Cerebral Palsy
Muscular Dystrophy
Short Stature
Myotonic Dystrophy
Graves Disease
Myasthenia Gravis
Guillain-Barre Syndrome

There are no medical codes for our chair. This makes insurance reimbursement a challenge but not impossible. You will need a prescription from your provider and letter of medical justification. We can provide your medical provider any information they need about our chairs.

Our chairs have a life expectancy of 10 years but with proper maintenance, our chairs have been used by customers for over 20 years. Our frame has a 10 year warranty and our gas spring and electric actuators have a 2 year warranty. If parts on the chair wear out, they can easily be replaced. If your condition changes or your body changes, your chair can be usually be modified using the same frame.

Our chairs are used anywhere people sit or stand for long periods of time. This is generally in a home, at school or at work.

In order to be durable and to provide stability when elevated, our chairs generally weigh between 40lbs and 80lbs. The backrest weigh 10 lbs – 20 lbs and can be easily removed. This is still heavy for one person to carry and is not recommended.

Our chairs are designed to be used inside or around your home, office or school. The wheels are designed for use indoors on smoother surfaces. The wheels will wear out faster when used on rough outdoor surfaces.
Our chair will work on most floors including wood, tile and carpet. The chair is harder to move on higher carpet. If you have a lot of tiled floors with wide grout lines, we may recommend alternative wheels.
Our chairs are usually less than 26 inches wide. This allows them to fit almost anywhere in your home including most doors, kitchens and bathrooms.

Models, Features and Accessories

We sell three models, a pediatric, an adult and a bariatric chair. Our chairs are modular and each of these chairs is configured for per customers requirements.   Mercado Medic makes several other chairs which are available on request.

The difference between the pediatric and adult models is the size of the frame. The bariatric chair has many differences. It has a much larger frame which is reinforced for the higher weight capacity. The bariatric chair has two height adjustment actuators and is not available with the tilt function.
The height, tilt, backrest and brake can be powered.

Chairs come with two height options. The low chair goes to a height to 23.6in and the high chair goes to a height of 29.5in. The seat cushion will add another 2-4in.

The seat tilt has wide tilt span with a maximum tilt of 15 degrees forward and 23 degrees backward. The powered backrest can add an addition 30 degrees backward tilt.

We offer two armrests options. The standard armrests are adjustable up and down and when in the down position they are out of the way at seat level. We also offer an arm rest that folds backward, behind the back rest.

We offer two options. Armrests that move with the seat tilt or armrests that do not move with the seat tilt.

Yes, the chair has a safety brake. The brake works by lifting the back two wheels slightly off the ground. This keeps the chair from moving when weight is applied to the seat. An optional brake that lifts all four wheels is also available.

Yes, we offer various types of footrests. Some are removable, some fold out of the way and some are stationary.

We have a wide selection of accessories. Almost anything that you can get for a powered wheelchair we have available. These include leg rests, head rests, neck rests, seat belts, push bars, armrests, tables, seat and back rest covers, leg supports, side supports, thigh supports, abduction blocks plus many more. See our accessories for more information.

The frame for the pediatric chair is 16.9 in wide and for the adult chair it is 18.9 in. The seat cushion and armrests will add on top of this but the total width is usually less than 26in which allow the chairs to fit through most doorways and around most homes.
The final weight of the chair will depend on the configuration and accessories. The pediatric and adults chairs usually weigh between 40 lbs and 80 lbs.
The pediatric chair has weight limit of 154 lbs, for the adult chair it is 330 lbs and for the bariatric chair it is 605lbs
The chair frame is black.
We have both cloth and skai fabrics available. Our color selection can be found here. All of our cushions are upholstered in house. If you have a different fabric or color, we can customize the cushions for you.
Yes, we have covers for both the seat and backrest in the same materials and colors. We also waterproof covers in gray. All of our covers are machine washable
Yes, we have waterproof covers in gray.


We will call you to learn more about your condition and recommend a configuration. We will also send you a measurement sheet so that we size the chair and accessories appropriately. If you have a physical or occupational therapist we can also work with them to configure your chair.
The chairs work great with either manual or electric controls. We recommend the electric height control for almost all of our customers. The choice between the manual tilt, brake or back rest is really user dependent. We feel the electric provides a huge benefit not found on other chairs. Also, If you have the electric height adjustment, it is easy to change the other controls from manual to electric at a later time.
We love the electric height adjustment. It helps with almost everything we use the chair for and we are always hearing about new benefits. With a gas spring controlled chair you have to be able to stand on your legs to operate the chair and it takes a lot of coordination to get the chair at the right height. With the electric heigh control, you can control the height while sitting. This will allow you or your caregiver to control the height to exactly the level you need it. This enables so much more then just sitting at a table. If you want to transfer to/from a bed, toilet, etc., you raise the chair to the same level so that you can just slide to/from the chair. If you do have to be carried, the chair can be raised to its highest level so that your caregiver does not have to bend over and risk hurting their back. The electric height facilitates reaching up into cabinets or down into a dishwasher.
Yes, all three of these functions can be easily converted between manual and electric control. You can purchase the accessories from us and we can show you how to change them or you can have a local repair shop make the conversion.
Yes, but it is not as easy as for the other powered functions. You would need to send the chair to us to make this conversion.
Our chairs are modular. All of the accessories can be easily added or removed at any time.


The height, tilt, back rest and brake on REAL Chairs are operated by either electric controls or manual gas springs. They are designed to be operated independently or by a caregiver. Powered functions are controlled by switched under the armrests or with a remote control. Manual gas spring functions are located under the armrests. Other options are available, see our accessory page for more information. Other adjustments on the chair are made with large star knobs or levers that are specifically designed for people with low hand strength.
The brake keeps the chair from moving when you are getting on or off the chair. This is especially important for people with physical challenges or when the chair is elevated. In both circumstances, the chair can tend to move backward when the brake is not engaged.
The brake works by lifting the back two wheels slightly off the ground. This keeps the chair from moving when weight is applied to the front of the seat. An optional brake that lifts all four wheels is also available.
No, unlike typically gas spring operated chairs, Real 9000 chairs are powered and can be raised or lowered while sitting.
Yes, the height of the chair can be adjusted to sit comfortably at a counter.
Yes, with our easy rolling castors, the ability to go from room to room in the chair is a must, creating the independence you require to do activities across the home.
Yes, our chair is designed to reduce the fatigue of sitting all day. This is achieved with the materials we use, the design of our cushions and our controls which improve postural management.
Yes, by putting on the brakes and lowering the arms rests, our chairs are able to mimic a transfer chair enabling easy transfers to/from a bed, toilet, etc.
Yes, this can be done by raising the chair and tilting the seat. For example; Rising and slightly tilting yourself forward and applying the brake, the chair in effect becomes a standing chair that you can rest against to provide support while cooking, cleaning or any other activity where support is needed to stand for long periods of time.
Yes, our chairs enable you to safely reach into overhead cabinets by raising the seat on the chair to the highest point you can remain seated and reached into overhead cabinets. You will not be able to reach the highest shelves but you can generally reach the lower shelves in kitchen cabinet.
Yes, when the seat is raised to its highest level it will assist in reaching into a closet
Yes, when the seat is lowered and tilted forward with the brake on, the chair provides safe support allowing you to reach down without bending your while standing.
Yes, our chairs are a similar size to most office or computer chairs enabling them to fit into any room.
The frame should be wiped down with a cleaning solution. The upholstery can be cleaning with a foam wash and vacuumed. The Skai material has further requirements. The full cleaning and maintenance instructions can be found in the User Manual?


We accept all major credit cards and other electronic payments such as wire transfers. Purchase Orders on approval only.
First American Credit Union offers financing to our customers.

Delivery and Returns

We ship to all 50 States and Canada. There may be a surcharge for orders shipped to Alaska and Hawaii
Your chair will custom assembled in Sweden and then shipped to your home. We suggest 6 weeks for delivery.
The comes preassembled. All you need to do is insert the backrest in to the bracket on the seat.
We understand how hard it is to by a product like this without seeing it and trying it. We did it ourselves. We offer a 30 day return policy on all chairs with a 100% refund provided the chair is in as new condition. Just pay for shipping back to us. We suggest you keep the crate the chair arrives in case you need to ship the chair back. The same policy applies to the accessories. If you buy something that does not work you can return or replace for something different. Our goal is to make sure you are happy with the chair and you have right configuration.

Warranty and Repairs

The frame and the welded parts have a 10 year warranty. The gas springs and electric actuators have a 2 year warranty. Other parts have a 1 year warranty.
Any service center that repairs powered wheelchairs will be able to repair our chairs. Have the service center contact us and we can provide instructions.

We have some replacement parts in house.  If we don’t have them we will order them from the manufacturer.