How to Buy

Ordering the perfect chair for you is a simple process, and you won’t be alone for it! Just follow the following simple steps and you’ll be set for delivery in no time.

Contact Us

We will lead you through the process and help you decide on the correct product and configuration to make sure your chair is tailored specifically to what you need. If you work with a professional such as a doctor, physical therapist or occupational therapist, we can also speak with them in order to help configure your chair.

Choose a Chair

Tailoring the perfect product starts by making sure the chair is the right size. We will send you a measurement sheet to make sure your chair is sized perfectly for you. Sizing specifications are an important part to the process. This makes sure you can comfortably sit all day long and operate the chair yourself.

Accessories and Configuration

Next, we will work with you to chose a configuration, accessories and controls so that the chair can function the way you need it. This includes selecting everything from the seat cushion, the backrest, accessories and even how you adjust the chair settings.

Our goal it to make a chair that you can operate yourself and that you can sit in comfortably all day long. Make sure to visit our accessory page to see all of the options we have available.

Payment and Delivery

Once we’ve arrived at your perfect configuration, we’ll set up the payment method that works best for you. We take all major credit cards, as well as other electronic payments, such as wire transfer. Your custom chair will be assembled and shipped from Sweden. An estimated delivery time hovers around 6 weeks.

We are happy to provide any necessary information in order to help with any possible insurance reimbursements or state loans/grants

After Delivery

Try your chair out for a few weeks and let us know how it is working for you. If you need to make an adjustment or add an accessory, we can help. Our chairs are modular and parts can be changed or added anytime you need.