Use Case: Home

Our chairs are designed to help people do more at home. They will make your life easier and more comfortable by enabling you to do more independently and safely. If you can not stand for long periods, have difficulty getting in or out of a chair, have difficulty walking or sit most of the day, our chairs are for you.

Our chairs are more than adaptive chairs, they are indoor
assisted living aids. They help you to perform chores, prepare meals, and enjoy the hundreds of other activities you find difficult or impossible without human assistance. Our chairs allow you to remain independent in your home while preserving your strength, stability, and energy.

Have you stopped cooking because you can’t stand very long or your wheelchair does not fit in your kitchen? REAL chairs elevate you so that you can reach places like your cabinets, oven, or sink. REAL Chairs support you when standing so that you finish cooking or cleaning safely.

Do you stay in one chair most of the day because it is too hard to stand up? Do you stay in one chair when you have friends over waiting for them to come and see you?   Our chairs are mobile lift chairs. They help you stand and sit and can be moved easily around your house.  Our chairs help you do more and keep you moving. You will be happier and more healthy.   

Do you have trouble getting ready in the morning because you can’t stand in front of your mirror? Let our chair do the standing for you.

Do you have trouble carrying things around your house with your walker because you can’t transport and ambulate at the same time? Problem solved.

There is no end to what REAL chairs make possible!

Powered Controls

Battery powered with easy to reach controls making it simple to quickly and easily adjust the chair

Small Size

Designed with a small frame, our chairs fit through most doorways, around kitchens and in bathrooms

Seating System

Our Ergomedic seating system, developed by physiotherapists, provide support while maximizing comfort and posture

Modular Design

Designed to grow with you. All components in our chairs can be changed as you grow or your condition changes

“I wasn’t able to cook for years. My wheelchair does not fit in my kitchen and I can not stand very long. With my REAL Chair, I can cook again. Thank you EMP Living.”

Suggested Chairs

Powered adaptive chair for adults. Operate the chair without getting off. Easily move the chair around your home or office. Use your legs safely while sitting. Do more independently and safely.

Our chair for kids. Same benefits and design as our adult with a smaller frame. Perfect for home or school. Designed and built to grow as kids grow.

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