What are the benefits of a mobility chair?

What are the benefits of a mobility chair?

Each of us should sit in the best chair we can find to prevent body pain from developing or worsening. But finding comfortable seating can be more challenging for people living with physical disabilities. When seated, the pelvis must be secured in an upright and neutral position for optimal posture and a healthy spine. Using a strong ergonomic mobility chair assists people with special needs so they can avoid future impairments and improve the quality of life

The reasons why someone might need to use a mobility chair are innumerable. These devices can improve one’s daily life in myriad ways. With an ergonomic mobility chair, you can get out and about and run errands on your own.


8 benefits of a mobility chair

Here are the key benefits offered by mobility chairs:

  1. Enhanced independence
  2. Improved accessibility
  3. Reduced risk of injury
  4. Easy to use
  5. Inexpensive to operate
  6. Adaptable to individual needs
  7. Improved postural control


1. Improve independence

You won’t have to rely on others when moving around with a mobility chair or power wheelchair. You’ll also discover that you can complete more tasks on your own and with greater energy, because you’ll be able to move your mobility chair from point A to point B. Completing activities successfully and autonomously is a vital component to building a healthy and positive self-image.

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2. Improve accessibility

We are fortunate to live in a country where mobility and accessibility are becoming more commonly acknowledged and recognized in building designs. While there is still much work to be done to improve access, many large public, and even private, spaces feature elevators and ramps that enable wheelchair users to go about their lives independently. Public transportation also has some options, although inclusivity can always be advanced.


3. Reduce the risk of injury

People who experience limited mobility can face trips and falls. Mobility products such as motorized wheelchairs and powered mobility chairs can help prevent falls. While it is important to maintain and preserve the ability to move and walk, you are more prone to falling if you are tired, having a terrible day, or if you have previously strained yourself.


4. Easy to use

Mobility scooters and motorized wheelchairs are easy to use and operate. Before you buy a mobility chair, consider your surroundings and the main purposes for using the chair. This will help you select the right type of chair for your needs. Make sure you factor in the state of your local trails and roads (including slopes), the space in your home and work place and the battery range you might need. Choose a chair that is easily adjustable so you may use it in numerous situations.

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5. Inexpensive to operate

Mobility scooters and wheelchairs are powered by electricity. This means the only ongoing cost is charging the chair using a standard power outlet. It is critical to recharge your mobility scooter on a routine basis to guarantee that it’s always ready to use and that you can get the most out of your batteries.  The chair’s batteries work best when they are used and charged on a daily basis.


6. There is a mobility chair for everyone

We are all unique individuals with distinct needs, desires, and abilities. This explains why there is a wide range of mobility chairs on the market. Possible options include travel chairs and compact portable mobility chairs, which are ideal for everyday use and can easily be transported in the back of a car or checked as luggage on a plane. Power chairs and electric wheelchairs can be designed to use indoors or outdoors.  Some can be used for both but many are better at one or the other.


7. Child growth and development

Using an ergonomic chair can help children grow and develop. Muscles and tendons grow at wildly different paces in children and adolescents. Traditional wheelchairs do not always promote positive growth. Because of the dynamic sitting position in an ergonomic chair, muscle activity and mobility are stimulated.


8. Improved postural control

One benefit of ergonomic mobility chair is that it gives individuals with mobility impairments more postural control. Many specially designed chairs are heavy and difficult to move. They also disrupt spinal alignment which can result in reduced function. In an ergonomic chair, the muscles of postural control are stimulated so they can work in alignment, rather than being inactive as with traditional wheelchairs.


Customized seating that empowers you to do more

In addition to helping you sit or stand effortlessly as needed, mobile lift chairs also help you perform many daily tasks because they can be adjusted vertically. They can help you reach the oven to prepare meals or the sink to do dishes. Our mobility chairs offer remarkable independence because you can quickly modify the chair’s height to meet your specific needs.

Additional information outlining the benefits and features of our mobility chair models:

  • The REAL Adult Chair is designed to give you complete mobility in your home. REAL chairs are smaller and feature huge wheels that help move you from one room to the next. The REAL movable lift chair allows you to sit or stand as needed in the exact location desired in your home. This means you can easily travel between your kitchen, living room, dining room, and office rather than being stuck in a single area of the house.
  • The REAL Clinical Chairs make receiving medical treatments safer, plus more effective and efficient, for both patients and clinicians. The REAL clinical chairs offer various features to assist health technicians with positioning patients for imaging and examinations, including motorized height and tilt controls. The REAL Chair also has a unique radiolucent backrest that allows the patient to remain seated during imaging examinations.
  • The REAL Big & Heavy Chair was created with plus-sized people in mind. Carrying excess weight exerts a strain on the body that can result in joint, knee, and back pain. A comfortable and solid bariatric chair relieves pain and allows you to sit for extended periods of time. Powered height control is included with the REAL Big & Heavy Chair. The chair’s height may be modified while seated, making it suitable for use as a lift chair.
  • The REAL Lift Chair features electronic height and tilt adjustment, along with four-inch castor wheels capable of traveling in all directions. The REAL Lift may be deployed anywhere you need to sit or stand, including the kitchen table, your desk, bedrooms, and family gathering areas. The chair’s big wheels make it simple to move from one room to another. The REAL Lift fits through most doorways.


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