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Adaptive seating for special needs - Keep your independence with adaptive chairs

Adaptable seats, also known as special requirements chairs, improve mobility capabilities and help users maintain optimal posture in an educational setting, at home or at work. Created by physical therapists, the REAL Seating System is an innovative mobility chair for people with special needs. Users can enjoy more autonomy with EMP Living mobility chairs. Our specifically designed and functional adaptive chairs can make a difference in one’s daily life.  

High quality, professionally developed adaptive seating for special needs

What is adaptive seating?

Adaptive seating are chairs designed to help people with special needs move and sit comfortably while being supported. Adaptive chairs should be easily adjusted and designed to reduce muscle contractions while providing comfort. They can also improve breathing and digestion. They are practical for daily use, such as sitting at desks in school or at the office.

Adaptive seating for special needs: a practical tool for independence

Adaptive seating is used to support, position, and assist individuals with physical disabilities, such as cerebral paralysis, spinal cord injury, and other ailments that limit mobility and function. Adaptive seats can be easily adjusted and customized to meet a person’s individual needs. They may include accessories such as leg supports, footrests or other supports to enable someone to sit comfortably. These seats may have straps, harnesses, and other safety mechanisms to help keep the user firmly in place.  Adaptive seating can make a big difference in helping individuals with special needs live more independently and comfortably. These seats are often recommended by a doctor or therapist and are customized to suit the individual’s unique needs.

Stay Independent with a high-performance mobility chair

Why choose EMP Living’s mobility equipment for special needs?

Functional design

REAL Chairs are visually appealing and functional. They are designed for users with physical limitations so they can do more independently, longer and safely. They can help with completing tasks independently and include features such as electric powered adjustable height and tilt, customized cushions, and a safety brake for enhanced security. All of the elements combine to improve the user’s independence, safety and comfort.

Powered control

REAL chairs are electrically powered, allowing the chairs position to be adjusted simply and securely. Powered functions can include the safety brake, seat tilt, seat height and backrest. The electric power guarantees smooth and precise adjustments, making it simple and easy for the user to attain the ideal posture and support they need. 

Easy to use

The small, sleek frames of REAL chairs allow them to be used in almost any environment without the need for room modifications. These chairs can be utilized in small areas such as bathrooms and kitchens and can fit through standard doorways. Their small size makes it easy to move the chair from one area to another, preserving the user’s autonomy and mobility in their home, office or school.


REAL adaptive seats are designed for safety. They include a braking system that stops the chair from moving. Our safety brake gives the user confidence and stability, allowing them to use their chair without fear.

Modular design

REAL chairs are modular and custom built for each user. A wide selection of accessories are available including seat belts, harnesses, trunk supports, calf supports, leg dividers, and leg supports which can be easily added or removed.   If we don’t have what you are looking for, we can usually find a customized solution.

Multiple chairs in one

REAL chairs are versatile, adaptable modular seating systems that can be used for a variety of purposes, including adaptive seating, powered hi-lo chairs, standing support chairs, physical therapy chairs, rehabilitation chairs, transfer chairs, lift chairs, and many more. These chairs are designed to meet the unique needs of individuals with physical limitations, providing support and assistance in various settings, whether it’s at home, office, school, or a healthcare facility.

How can EMP Living’s adaptive seating help you?

We offer the largest variety of adaptive chairs and special needs activity chairs. We manufacture our components and chairs in-house and adhere to strict manufacturing standards. Our mobility chairs can help you with your daily activities, regardless of the functional health problem that limit your movement. No matter what your primary considerations are when choosing adaptive equipment, you can rely on us to provide the ideal adaptive seating solution to meet your needs. We offer three models of adaptive chairs which can be customized for individuals with diverse special needs.

We offer the largest variety of adaptive chairs and special needs activity chairs. We understand that each individual has unique needs and preferences. We have designed our chairs to be modular allowing us to  offer thousands of different configurations. Our adaptive seating systems are designed to fit a comprehensive range of health issues and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

How can adaptive seating help someone with special needs?

  1. Adaptive seating helps keep your head, trunk and limbs properly aligned, reducing muscle contractures and improving posture.
  2. When children use adaptive seating, it can help develop motor skills, facilitate arm and hand mobility, encourage self-feeding, improve visual scanning and tracking, and reduce the need for assistance from caregivers.
  3. Adaptive seating increases comfort by offering extra support and cushioning which can help lessen pressure points.
  4. Adaptive seating has been shown to improve breathing and digestion,
  5. Adaptive seating allows people to be more active, participate in different activities and maintain a better posture and function.
  6. Some adaptive seats have straps and other restraint systems that keep the user firmly in place. This reduces the chance of a user falling or having an accident.
  7. Caregivers can move and position patients more easily with adaptive seating, reducing the physical strain and work involved in caring for the patient.
Before making any purchases, it is advisable to speak with a healthcare expert. Adaptive seating is often prescribed by a therapist or doctor and customized to the unique needs of the individual.

Do you have alternative seating options for adults and children with special needs?

We offer three models that are suitable for small kids and adults up to 605 lbs.   Our chairs are customized based on a user’s height and weight and any other specific needs to enhance freedom, mobility and independence.

Whether the user requires adaptive seating at home, in the workplace, or in the classroom, EMP Living can configure the chair to address each person’s individual needs and lifestyle, even for use in small spaces. 

The REAL Adult mobility device

Our adaptive seating equipment for adults is practical and functional. It is an aid designed to help you be more independent. Our chairs facilitate ease of movement by helping you perform daily activities at home and work. It is not just an adaptive chair – it is a hi-low chair, activity chair, standing support chair, lift chair, transfer chair, therapy chair, rehabilitation chair, elevator chair, dynamic chair, riser chair, and much more.

Our REAL Adult chairs provide much-needed assistance in the home to help you complete tasks, prepare meals and experience other activities that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to do alone. As a result, your independence and social engagements increase, allowing you to gain more confidence and feel less isolated.

The easiest adult mobility chair to move and use

The REAL Adult lift chair is simple to operate and easy to move. You can adjust the chair on your own while sitting. Controls are located under the armrest or on the remote control. The REAL Adult rolls easily thanks to its large ball bearing wheels, and its small frame fits through most doorways and hallways.

Our REAL adult mobility chairs help you stand up so you can get to where you need to go. It’s the perfect chair for adults living with special needs.

The REAL Child mobility device

Our mobility chairs for children help foster an inclusive environment. We focus on empowerment for children with mobility issues to help them conquer these challenges. Instead of being confined to one desk at school or needing to ask for help, children can operate our chairs by themselves and move the device anywhere they want. In school, they can use the chair in class, at lunch, or to play with friends. It encourages classroom and community participation. At home, they can use it in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. The chair can be used to play, study, and relax. The simple design of our functional and comfortable chair means it fits into many spaces and is suitable for a range of activities.

The REAL Big & Heavy mobility device

Our bariatric chair for heavy users.   The REAL Big & Heavy is designed to be functional and assist users with a variety of needs. It is an aid that is designed to help you be more independent by helping with daily activities at home and work. The height control, safety brake, and Ergomedic Seating System are designed to help you do more activities, and to complete them independently, safely and comfortably.  Built with a reinforced frame, seat and backrest, the REAL Big & Heavy has a weight limit of 605 lbs.

The REAL lift chair

Our REAL adaptive lift chair is equipped with electric height controls that allow the chair to go up and down while the user is sitting. It also features seat tilt control and four-inch caster wheels that can move in all directions. The REAL Lift adaptive lift chair can be used at the kitchen table or at a desk, and in the family room or bedroom. It’s useful anywhere you need to sit or stand. The large wheels make it easy to move the chair from one room to the next, and the REAL Lift chair fits easily through doorways. It caters to a variety of users’ needs by enabling the transition from sitting to standing. That’s how it earned the lift chair name.

Before making any purchases, it is advisable to speak with a healthcare expert because adaptive seating is often prescribed by a therapist or doctor and fitted to the unique needs of the individual.