Providing functional seating to enable independence at home, work and school.

A New Look in Adaptive Seating

Powered and manual adaptive seating that empowers users to do more independently and safely.


The complete adaptive seating solution. Designed to help you at home. Customized seating with powered rise and tilt. Do what you love again.
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Adaptive seating for children. Our seating creates a more inclusive environment for kids by enabling them to work wherever they want, with whoever they want.
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Customized seating for work. Seating that promotes better posture to accommodate workplace requirements and ergonomics.
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We specialize in adaptive seating for patients with mobility challenges. Our products include chairs for X-rays, Mammography exams and many others.
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Customized seating that empowers you to do more!

Our REAL seating is designed to be functional. The functional design enables users to do more independently, longer and safely. Our modular design allows you to customize your chair to fit your specific needs. With EMP Living, you get more than a chair, you get our quality, expertise and passion.

Our chairs are powered

Our chairs are not wheelchairs, they are indoor powered activity chairs. They are not powered to move around but other functions such as the height control are powered. Combined with our safety brake, you can do more than reach high – you can reach low, you can use the chair to help you stand, or you can use the chair to sit comfortably anywhere at home, work or school.

Try our chairs for 30 days

If you don’t like your chair, you can return it for a full refund minus shipping costs.

Popular Products

Real Adult

Powered, ergonomic adaptive chair. Customized for your needs at home or work.

Real Big & Heavy

An adaptive chair for heavy users with powered height control.

Real Child

Our children’s adaptive chair is perfect for active participation at home and school.
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