4ft tall with fused elbows, poor balance and muscle weakness.

Work and Living Situation:

I live at home with my parents and sister. I go to school.


Being able to get on and off a chair by myself and go where I want. Being able to sit where I want at school.

Benefits of REAL 9100

Before I had a REAL chair I needed help to get on and off my chair. I was stuck in one place. At school, I was in an old Rifton Wood chair. I could not move the chair by myself. They had one table set up from chair and this was the only table I could sit at. My REAL chair changed my life. I am free. Now I can go anywhere in my house by myself. I even scared my parents the first time I got out of the chair alone. When they looked around, I was gone! At school I can sit with my friends wherever they are. If I go to a new area of the school I don't have to wait for someone to adjust a desk for me. I can sit anywhere I want.

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