Adaptive Chair Seat Cushions

Ergomedic (Flat)

Base Seat Cushion.  Higher front edge of seat to prevent forward movement.

Typically used for lighter weight customers.  Standard for our Mammography and X-ray Chairs.

Ergomedic Flat with Memory Foam

Our base seat cushion with memory foam for improved comfort and better pressure distribution.

This cushion and our Ergomedic Plus Curved cushion is a good choice for most adults.

Ergomedic Plus (Curved)

Rounded structure  stabilizes the pelvis and distributes pressure evenly for more comfort. 

Along with our Ergomedic Flat with Memory Foam, this cushion is a good choice for most adults.  This cushion is also good for children who need more support 

Other Options


Individually adjustable front flaps. 

Designed for people with limited hip flexibility or amputees

Available in flat or curved styles and with memory foam 

Flat Base

Flat base available with or without a a non slip surface. This allows you to add your seat cushion.


Multiple other shapes and sizes are available.  See our Ergomedic Seat Brochure for more information.


Washable covers available in cloth for all colors.

More Options Available

Seat Cushions are available in a variety of different colors and materials with optional covers. Multiple sizes are also available. Complete and submit our measurement sheet for a recommendation or call for more information.

Other Accessories

Popular Products

Our chair for kids. Same benefits and design as our adult with a smaller frame. Perfect from home or school. Designed and built to grow as kids grow.

A chair for heavy users. Ergonomically designed with powered seat height adjustment and a weight limit of 605 lbs. Built with a reinforced frame, seat and backrest.
Powered mobile chair for imaging centers with radiolucent backrest. Keeps patient safe and allows technician to easily adjust the patient for the correct image.