Jaana Toivonen


I am unable to rotate my hips. I can walk and stand with the help of a walker.

Work and Living Situation:

I live with my husband.


I want to return to work, which I enjoy very much. I need a lot of help to do things, I am frustrated. My main goal is to do more by myself.

Benefits of REAL 9100

My chair has helped me do a lot more at home independently. I do most things at home sitting in the chair. Whether cleaning, cooking, or relaxing, the chair has helped me. I move the chair around by walking while sitting or pulling myself along the counter. Sometimes I use the chair as a walker as well. I only use my regular walker when I'm outside my house. There are a lot of things I can do with my chair that I wasn't able to do before. Before, I never used the bottom part of my dishwasher because I had such a hard time reaching it. With my REAL 9100 I can now reach the bottom rack safely.

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