Mary Jefferies


Initially, I had difficulty sitting for long periods of time. My hips would hurt after sitting for too long. This was especially difficult at work where I sit for most of the day. As my The condition has worsened, I also have sometimes had trouble getting into and out of my chair.

Work and Living Situation:

I live with my husband in an apartment and we have a small cottage in the country. I work from home as a photo editor.


I want to achieve as good a life situation as possible. Everyone wants that, right? For me, this means that my husband and I will be able to continue to maintain our lifestyle.

Benefits of REAL 9100

I received my first chair many years ago when I was working in an office. I received a second chair when I started to work from home. With the electric tilt and lift, I can easily change position during the day and decrease the pressure that caused my hip problems. This allows me to sit comfortably for longer periods of me. As my condition has worsened, I now use the chair in the kitchen and other rooms in our house. The electric lift and safety brake makes it easy and safe to get into and out of the chair. The the chair is also small enough that we take it to our summer cottage.

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