Cilla Stolpe
Cilla Stolpe


Week muscles, poor balance. Can only walk and stand for short periods.

Work and Living Situation:

I live at home with my husband and teenage son


My goal is to stay strong and be independent as long as possible.

Benefits of REAL 9100

At first I used the REAL chair very little. It was more like an office chair at work. But as I have gradually gotten worse, I have started to use it for more and more and started to plan my day around what I can do in the chair. I used to load heavy things in the chair to move them around. Now that I can’t walk as much, I put things on my lap to move them around. I think users like myself know more about what you can do with the chair than the professionals. I always find new things that the chair makes easier. I often feel exhausted but I try to do my rehab as often as I can which I do siting in the chair. Muscles disappear very quickly if you do not use them so my rehab is very important. The kitchen is still where I use the chair the most. For the most part, it works really well. But I do not dare take things out of the oven. I am weak in my arms and in the trunk and can not lean forward. If no one is home, I would probably try anyway. I'm very stubborn.

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