High-Quality Lift Chair to Improve Your Mobility in Kirkland

If you live with limited mobility on a daily basis, then the place where you want to enjoy the most freedom is inside your home. EMP Living is dedicated to giving our customers back their independence. If you have been looking for lift chairs near you, we would love to be of assistance. We proudly serve those in Kirkland and all the surrounding areas.

Electric Lift Chairs

While there are a few options when it comes to lift chairs for elderly people, most of them offer the same basic features. You end up with a massive recliner that must stay in one location. At EMP Living, we realized the need to offer something better.

We sell mobility seating that’s just that—mobile. Instead of having a lift chair for one room, you can move our REAL 9000 Series chairs around your home. They’re smaller than most chairs, yet they still provide amazing comfort and support. You’ll regain independence in your home. If you’ve been searching for lift chairs in the area, consider your hunt over.

Ergonomic Office Chair

Sitting in a chair for most of the day can wreak havoc on your lower back. That’s why we only sell comfortable lift chairs at EMP Living. If you spend hours on end staring at a computer screen, you’ll find that our mobility office chair provides you with both the comfort and support you desire. Every chair has been ergonomically designed to fit the curves of your body, no matter your physical limitations.

What our customers need is a computer chair that molds to their body. We offer just that. You can change the height and tilt of every model to your personal preferences. You’ll find that moving from a seated to standing position is easier than ever. Our chairs even work as a support chair whenever you need a break while standing.

Handicap Chair – Adaptive Chair

Not every person has the same disabilities. Therefore, not every handicap office chair should be the same. That’s why we carry several options for our customers at EMP Living. We have models for the smallest clients, as well as for our bariatric customers. No matter what you want out of your lift chair, you’ll get it here.

When you need a disabled office chair, we’ve got options. Our REAL 9000 Series will change your life. It’s easy to customize the chair settings for your needs. You have control over everything, from tilt to height. Getting up and down will become a breeze with the REAL. Our powered chair models are popular with a wide range of people. From cerebral palsy to having a short stature, you’ll find our chair fits you perfectly.

The Best Lift Chairs in Kirkland

Don’t let a physical disability keep you from living your best life. Come discover why our mobility seating is so popular with our clients from Kirkland and the surrounding neighborhoods. In no time at all, you’ll be moving around your home with ease.

Not only do we believe in our products, but we also use them. EMP Living was founded when we noticed our daughter struggling with her independence at home. We wanted to find our daughter a lift chair to improve her quality of life, and that’s exactly what the REAL 9000 Series offers. Contact us today to see how our products will turn your life around.

Family Life at Its Finest in Kirkland

The city of Kirkland was founded back in 1888. Its namesake, Peter Kirk, was an English businessman who ran a steel production company. He came to the area with the hopes of expanding his family’s business. After borrowing some money, he was able to follow his dream. Not only did the company, the Moss Bay Iron and Steel Company of America, support his family, but it also employed many new residents. Since that time, the city has grown more than 12 times as big, and people continue to move in regularly.

Today, Kirkland still supports the small businesses that bring in revenue to the city. In fact, residents are encouraged to “shop small” during small business weekends in the downtown area. This sense of community has made the city one of the best places to open a successful company. Many entrepreneurs run retail shops and restaurants in town. Large corporations also have a strong presence in the downtown area.

Families are at the forefront of Kirkland living. Two school districts serve school-aged children in town—Lake Washington and Northshore. Both have impressive test scores, and they are some of the top-rated school districts in the state. Many of the local schools offer specialized courses, including STEM classes and many extracurricular activities. Students graduate prepared for their next step in life.

The city’s proximity to the water is also very popular with residents. Kirkland is located on the beautiful shores of Lake Washington. The area has several beaches and plenty of water activities for residents to enjoy. Kayaking and fishing are very popular. Seaplane tours are a fun way for visitors to see the city. There are even plenty of trails for walking or bicycling. With moderate temperatures throughout the year, you can find people enjoying the great outdoors during every season. No matter if you call the city your home or are passing through, you’ll find something to keep you busy.