Frequently Asked Questions

Can the REAL 9000 Series be used as a lift chair?

Yes, the height and tilt adjustments that are available on REAL 9000 chairs enable the chairs to be used as lift chairs. The height of the seat can be raised and the seat tilted forward to assist in getting on and off the chair.

What is a lift chair?

Lift chairs are chairs that feature a powered lifting mechanism that raises the entire chair from the base to assist the user get to/from a standing position

What is difference between REAL 9000 chairs and other lift chairs

Most lift chairs on the market today are lounge recliner chairs that are used in living room or family room type area. They are large, cannot be moved easily and are only suitable for sitting on a lounge type environment limiting their use.

REAL 9000 chairs are smaller, have large wheels and are ergonomically designed to be extremely comfortable. This allows the chairs to be moved and used anywhere in your home or office. They can be used like the typical lift chair but they can also be used in places like your office and kitchen. If you have difficulties getting into or out of a chair, you should not be limited to a chair in your living room. REAL 9000 chairs allow you to safely and comfortable sit anywhere you need to sit.

The versatility of REAL 9000 seats also enable them to function as stand support chairs. Many people who have trouble getting into and off of a chair also have trouble standing safely for long period of time. With the REAL 9000, you can raise and tilt the seat, engage the braking system and use the chair to support your weight while standing.

Can these chairs be used as standing support chairs?

Yes, the versatility of REAL 9000 seats also enable them to function as stand support chairs. When the height of the chair is adjusted up, the seat tilted forward and the brake is engaged, the REAL 9000 can support someone in the standing position.

Do I have to get off of the chair to raise or lower the height?

No, unlike typically gas spring operated chairs, Real 9000 chairs are powered and can be raised or lowered while sitting.

What is an ergonomic chair?

An ergonomic chair is a chair that can be comfortably used for long periods of time. They are designed to be adjusted to fit your body and the way you work. Although many chairs on the market today can be adjusted, the controls are often difficult to reach which means they are not often used. The controls on REAL 9000 chairs are comfortable and easy to reach to easily allow the chair to be adjusted depending on where and how it is being used.

REAL 9000 chairs were designed with physical therapists for people with significant medical and physical conditions. They were designed for people who sit for long periods of time and who may have difficulties operating a typical chair. This resulted in a chair that is extremely comfortable, flexible and easy to adjust.

Can the chair be used to sit at a counter?

Yes, the height of the chair can be adjusted to sit comfortably at a counter.

Why do I need a brake on the chair?

The brake keeps the chair from moving when you are getting on or off the chair. This is especially important for people with physical challenges or when the chair is elevated. In both circumstances, the chair can tend to move backward when the brake is not engaged.

Can I add accessories at a later date?

Yes, adding accessories is a vital part to our modular system. Adding and removing accessories allows our chairs to accommodate the needs of the individual through the life of the chair.

Can I use the chair in different rooms?

Yes, with our easy rolling castors, the ability to go from room to room in the chair is a must, creating the independence you require to do activities across the home.

Can I use the chair all day?

Yes, our ErgoMedic Plus seating is designed to have hours of use with no risk of pressure sores or aches and pain. This is achieved through the design and the ergonomic features for optimal postural management.

Can I use the chair to get on and off my bed and toilet?

Yes, by putting on the brakes and lowering the arms rests, our chairs are able to mimic a transfer chair enable easy transfers to/from a bed, toilet, etc.

Can I use the chair to cook?

Yes, this can be done by raising the chair and tilting the seat. For example; Rising and slightly tilting yourself forward and applying the brake, the chair in effect becomes a standing chair that you can rest against to provide support while cooking, cleaning or any other activity where support is needed to stand for long periods of time.

Can I use the chair to reach overhead cabinets?

Yes, our chairs enable you to safely reach into overhead cabinets by raising the seat on the chair to the highest point you can remain seated and reached into overhead cabinets. You will not be able to reach the highest shelves but you can generally reach the lower shelves in kitchen cabinet.

Can I use the chair to reach into a closet?

Yes, when the seat is raised to its highest level it will assist in reaching into a closet

I need a chair with all the functionality mentioned, but I have limited space, will it fit in my home?

Yes, our chairs are a similar size to most office or computer chairs enabling them to fit into any room.

What weight does your chairs take?

With different ranges from Pediatric up to adult and bariatric sizes our chairs can with stand weights up to 606 lbs (275 Kg)